I have no idea what Tesla has tucked inside the Terminator in order to provide all of the claimed safety features, but I’m guessing it must contain a chipset in order to limit current and recognize the resistance of the atomizer, in addition to regulating the on-board charging.

The Terminator is a nice looking mod and very intriguing to me, yet I can’t help but be a bit skeptical about any mod safely delivering 90W to a 0.1Ω load using a single 18650 battery – and the Terminator is offering mech mod performance with the worry-free operation of a regulated mod. Hmmm…

While it appears that Tesla has taken the necessary precautions to assure user safety, I would absolutely make sure to use the highest CDR battery you can find in the Terminator, from a name brand supplier (Sony, Samsung, LG) and a vendor you trust.

I’ve seen the Terminator priced at under 25 bucks online, and would like to get my hands on one just to take it apart and have a look inside.

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