The good folks over at Black Note published an infographic yesterday that they are allowing us to share on our site. It’s a solid depiction of the history of vaping devices including electronic cigarettes. So if you’ve ever wondered where it all started, the infographic below will explain all that to you.

Black Note is a company focused on making great e-liquids and we recently got some in at our offices and are going to be reviewing it in the coming weeks. The early reception is that the ChurnMag team is loving it. If you want to check out their juices beforehand or after reading this infographic, just head over to Black Note and navigate to the product page you want. One of the best things that makes Black Note stand out is their publishing of a lab report to show you just what is in their e-liquid. Not many companies spend the money on that or make it publicly known so before our review is even up, we do want to say that we at ChurnMag really appreciate that! They even have a freebie section that can get you free vape juice for recycling and you can also earn reward points.  Don’t forget to view that section on your first visit, it’s right on the main navigation menu.

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