In reviewing the Juno I was reminded constantly of the Von Erl, and to a lesser extent the MyJet. With so many closed system vapes out there, what you choose will boil down to a few important considerations.

If you’re looking for hard-hitting nicotine in a stealthy device, the Juno isn’t a bad choice. It offers a restrictive, MTL-style draw and uses salt-based nicotine in its pods, at a lower price point than the Juul.

On the other hand, the pods tend to leak, and the flavor range is limited in comparison to the Von Erl. I personally prefer more flavor and an airier draw, even in a pod mod. Juno’s pods are only available in two nic strengths, 18 and 36 mg/mL, which further limits your options.

If you want a pod mod but still want lots of vapor, I think you should stay away from the Juno. It’s a stealthy device, and drawing on it long enough to produce vapor also lands e-liquid in the user’s mouth.

I don’t like the Juno enough to recommend it. There are other systems out there that are more open and better suit my vaping preferences, such as the Bo One (richer flavor) and the Von Erl (wider range of flavors).

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