Building your own vape coils isn’t very hard, but fortunately it’s not a requirement to vape. Many great devices still use pre-made coils. These atomizers, often referred to as coil heads, are specifically designed for your particular device and are good for about an entire week of usage.

Each atomizer is rated at a different resistance and has an optimal wattage range. Sometimes a tank can have a wide range of coil heads available, which can be very confusing to re-order.

For example the Kanger Toptank has nearly a dozen varieties of coil heads available for it.

Some coils are geared towards high-wattage vaping, some low-wattage vaping and others are made to be used with temperature control mode. Specific vape coils can have an effect on the type of draw you get. Some are designed for direct lung vaping, while others for mouth-to-lung.

If you’re somebody who likes to vape at lower wattages, we recommend using a vape coil with a higher resistance, meaning more ohms. Lower resistance coils require more power, but are also capable of producing more vapor. A sub ohm vape coil has a resistance lower than 1.0 ohm.

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