The Uwell Nunchaku is the first mod made by Uwell, a company most famous for the Crown sub ohm tank. From the looks of it, UWELL has given the Nunchaku the same type of high-quality manufacturing their tanks are known for.

Drawing a reference from “nunchuck” handles, UWELL’s first mod is a stunning tube design with a TC suite. This kind of mod has been neglected for quite some time. Outside of the extremely expensive Dicodes mods which cost more than $200, the only tube mod like this to hit the market recently has been the EHPro 101 which was released with little fanfare. Maybe Uwell can bring back the tube mod? Here’s a closer look.

Price: TBD

Colors: Black, stainless, iridescent, metallic green, black & gold, sapphire, blue, and purple

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