The major avoidable causes of exploding vapes

18650 Battery

When you use a battery in a vape device, the power button causes a circuit to compete between the positive and negative poles of the battery, and power flows to the device. Any conductive material that connects the two poles will do the same thing — however, if there’s nothing drawing power from the battery, it causes a short circuit and the energy loops into the battery, which causes it to rapidly overheat and possibly catch fire or explode.

Often news stories with headlines like “Vaporizer explodes!” are really about loose batteries exploding — or overheating and venting, and sometimes catching on fire. The major source of such events is batteries carried loose in a purse or pocket with keys or change. The metal objects accidentally connect the positive and negative poles of the battery, and boom! Most of the viral videos we see of fires in vapers’ pockets are loose batteries — not mods or pens.

There are inexpensive plastic cases and thin rubber or silicone sleeves available to protect batteries, or more precisely to protect the user. Anyone carrying extra batteries should always use one of these. Please don’t become the subject of “Vape explodes! News at 11.”

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