The Dessert category includes both of the most typical types of desserts: bakery goods (such as pies, cakes, and pastries), and dairy desserts (custards, ice cream, and other creamy confections). In fairness, these are reminiscent of food desserts rather than true replicants. Apple pie eliquid cannot possibly provide the actual mouthfeel of eating real apple pie, and ice cream vaping juice is only vaguely similar to real ice cream.

When dessert eliquids are well-made, with the best combination of flavorings in winning recipes, they get close to the taste of the desserts they’re designed to imitate. That is, however, a hit-or-miss proposition.

Three specific flavors need to be mentioned, since they are used so often in real desserts: vanilla, caramel, and chocolate.

Vanilla is arguably the single most popular flavoring in the entire pantheon of eliquids. Not just a single flavor, vanilla comes in a wide array of subtle differences — vanillan, vanilla bean, Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, vanilla bourbon, etc. Combined with dairy, vanilla can be outstanding — Bavarian cream, Catalyn cream, Vienna cream, et al.

Caramel is basically cooked/burnt sugar. Caramel flavoring lends a distinctive sweetness, body, and taste to vaping juices.

Chocolate, in all its various types (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate or molé sauce, truffles, cocoa, etc.) is a flavor that human beings love and crave. Unfortunately for vapers, chocolate doesn’t translate well as a vaping flavor. Unlike vanilla, which adds a tasty element to so many eliquids, chocolate succeeds as a vaping flavor only in rare instances. The typical complaint about chocolate flavor eliquids is that they taste like Tootsie Rolls rather than true chocolate.

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