The Goon style deck is perhaps the most intriguing feature of the Vapeston Cloudnus. It has both a large positive and large negative block, and each has a metal plate on top held down by two screws. Both coils’ positive leads are captured under one plate on the positive block; likewise both coils’ negative leads are captured under one plate on the negative block.

The Cloudnus deck feeds juice much the same as Steam Crave’s Aromamizer RDTAs and Augvape’s Boreas. The juice flows up underneath the deck to four holes on the base of the deck (two holes per side) to feed the wicks. Vapeston recommends in the manual to plug the four juice feed holes with cotton, but I had a poor experience doing so, which led to dry hits. I would only advise plugging the juice holes with wick for users running high PG juice. I decided to rewick with shorter tails and let the very ends of my tails just sit on the deck right over the juice feed holes, and my experience improved dramatically.

The Cloudnus deck then snaps into place in the chamber so that your coils line up with the side, adjustable airslots, like the UD Bellus. Many other manufacturers have adopted this feature because it’s simple and smart. It also allows the user to remove the deck at any point to rewick or rebuild without losing the juice in the tank.

The Cloudnus also features adjustable juice flow control (JFC). This is a very helpful feature on the RDTA so users can tailor how quickly their juice feeds the deck, and is invaluable for top filling. Vapeston labeled the Cloudnus with the words “Open” and “Close” to make it easy for the user to know which way to turn the JFC.

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