Not all flavors are born equal. That’s why steeping e-liquids can work wonders sometimes. The simple process of time=oxidization is an essential part of any DIY e-liquid setup. This is especially important for more complex flavors, such as desserts, bakery, and tobacco notes, which, like a fine wine, take longer to mature. Furthermore, most flavorings come suspended in a PG solution, and they will take longer to steep if your e-liquid of choice has a higher VG ratio.

When you order e-liquids online, the trip through the postal service may be the only steep your new e-liquid has had. You could just vape it fresh. Or shake it up, get some fresh air in there, and store your bottle in a cool dark corner for 1 to 2 months. Some people swear by hot water baths. But not everyone has that kind of patience.

That’s where pre-steeping comes in. VapeWild has launched a new range of 12 pre-steeped e-liquids, selling for $9.99 for 30mL, and $17.99 for 60mL. They come in tinted glass bottles with eye dropper, feature a 35/65 PG/VG blend as standard, and are available in zero nic, 3, 6, and 12 mg/mL.

But if you’re feeling fancy, don’t stop there. Three further flavors are available – Space Pawn, PGGB, and MeaüxHox. They’ll set you back $99, $500, and $999.99 respectively. If you’re looking for unicorn tears, real moon dust, or a third eye awakening, VapeWild has you covered. At present all three deluxe flavors are out of stock. We sadly didn’t receive them for review!

VapeWild’s pre-steeped range is priced 30% higher than their normal e-liquids. Therefore, the deciding factor will be whether you like the flavors themselves, and whether steeping makes any difference to the overall experience. We contacted VapeWild to find out how long their steep is, and they told us they use a proprietary steeping method that is not open to the public.

Let’s try out the VapeWild pre-steeped range and see how they vape, shall we?

Set up
All the e-liquids we received came with 6mg/mL nicotine. We used a variety of typical MTL setups (Nautilus tank, Nautilus X, and Jac Vapour S-22 tank) to try them out at 1 – 1.8 ohms, between 15 – 20W.

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