But the jig may be up for the puritans like Simon Chapman. This near miss by the NNA created a lot of discussion, and minds are changing. People are learning that vaping isn’t a plot by Big Tobacco, and that it can help smokers. The word is spreading, and the public health safety patrol can’t dominate opinion forever.

“The problem is that the Australian public health establishment — God bless its cotton socks — is crippled by caution,” wrote Joe Hildebrand yesterday. “The peak bodies are worried there is still insufficient evidence about the potential harm of e-cigarettes. They are waiting for more research. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting.”

Hildebrand, an Australian columnist and TV personality, quit smoking with e-cigs. A typical story to vapers, but one that needs to be heard more often by the public. When an influential writer makes a compelling case, a few more dominoes fall.

Today it’s against the law to vape nicotine in Australia. But opinion is changing. The cat’s out of the bag. Vapers need to keep arguing our case at every opportunity, persuading friends and family, co-workers and neighbors. We all know people whose lives have been improved — and maybe even saved — by vaping. Spread the word.

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