Has vaping in cars been banned in 11 states? That headline caught the eyes of a lot of vapers as a story from the Associated Media Coverage website was spread on vaping forums and in Facebook groups.

But it’s completely untrue, and the site itself is little more than a clickbait factory that churns out fake news stories. According to Kim LaCapria at Snopes, the bogus news site often aims at attracting the attention of specialized groups — like vapers — that will then tend to share the “news” quickly within their networks.

“Associated Media Coverage is a fake news site that typically spreads fabrications pertaining to non-existent laws and statutes which would affect a specific subset of the population,” writes LaCapria. “Prior falsehoods from the site include tales of a looming motorcycle curfew in March 2016, a motorcycle speed ban in August 2016, an impending FDA e-juice ban not long after that, and a claim several jurisdictions were codifying a ‘two pet maximum’ ordinance (meaning many households would be forced to rehome beloved pets).”

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