Vaporesso Gemini RTA Intro

I checked a number of text and video reviews of the Vaporesso Gemini RTA. I don’t normally do that before writing a review for a product I’ve not used, in part because I don’t want to be unconsciously influenced by other reviewers’ opinions. In this case, the Gemini RTA had no manual in the box — only a tiny card with a few drawings parts and construction of the tank — so I wanted to orient myself to setting up the tank. In every single review I checked, the Gemini RTA was compared to the Geekape Griffin RTA, either in passing or at length.

I don’t own the Griffin and haven’t vaped it, but apparently the Griffin has become the gold standard among RTAs this year. My review won’t put the Gemini up against the Griffin, because I have no basis for comparison. I will, however, contrast the Griffin to SMOK’s new TF-RTA, since I reviewed that tank earlier this week.

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