The Tarot Mini is a single-cell 18650 80W box that looks like a stretched version of the Nano. The Mini is taller than the Nano, to accommodate the 18650 battery, but otherwise dimensionally the same. Like the Nano, the Mini will only accept a 22 mm atomizer without overhang.

The Mini clearly shares the distinctive design DNA of the Tarot family with its angular beveled edges, hexagonal fire button, and selection of smartly patterned enclosures. My sample is a cool black and grey camo.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, they all share the same versatile Omni chip. The Omni chip allows a slew of vaping modes, including Smart Variable Wattage (Smart VW), Temperature Control (TC) with Ni/Ti/SS, Bypass, Constant Curve of Wattage (CCW) and Constant Curve of Temperature (CCT).

This won’t be a tutorial on using every setting of the Omni chip with detailed button and menu functions, but should give you an idea of the different modes and uses:

Smart VW – The Omni chip measures the resistance of your coil and sets the wattage to a suggested starting point.

TC (Ni/Ti/SS) – This is good ole temperature control with nickel, titanium, or stainless steel wire.

Bypass mode – Bypass mode is just that: it allows you to bypass the regulation of the board and vape at straight battery voltage. It’s like using a mech mod with protection.

CCW – CCW allows you to set up a vaping curve for the first 5 seconds. You can set the wattage to any value between 5-80W in 0.5-second intervals. One example: CCW can be used to heat your coil(s) quickly at higher wattage to reduce ramp time and then taper off to a lower setting.

CCT – Like CCW, but uses temperature in TC mode.

Though I have always admired the design of the Tarot Pro, I have never owned or used one. In some of the reports and reviews I’ve read, one common complaint is that the mod falls over easily. I can see that happening with the beveled lower edges on the box, and mine fell over a few times when I wasn’t careful—more frequently than with my other box mods.

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