The Vaporesso Tarot Pro Mod is a 160-watt box-mod with all of the features you’d expect from a 2016 vaping device. It has variable wattage, temperature control, and bypass modes, as well as a few interesting customizable modes. The new additions are Customized Curvature of Temperature (CCT) and Customized Curvature of Wattage (CCW). These two modes allow vapers to program the ramp patterns of temperature and wattage, respectively. Rounding things out is a Smart VW mod, which suggests an ideal wattage based on the resistance of the atomizer. This is a particularly nice feature for vapers that are new to variable wattage or are unsure what wattage works best for a particular coil type/resistance.

At the heart of the Tarot Pro is the OMNI chipset. It’s responsible for all the new features mentioned above, as well as a whole new level of performance. As I mentioned earlier, some vapers were underwhelmed by the accuracy and performance of the original Tarot. The OMNI chip should address those problems, while introducing several interesting new features.

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