First off, dealing with the EUC is easier and cleaner to use than most other coils and it’s nice that there is less waste in our landfills. However, looking at the size of the EUC, I’m thinking that I could fit about a billion of them in my backyard, in a single layer, so I’m not sure of the true impact on the environment.


The original Veco tank is a smallish 2 ,L tank designed to work with low to mid range wattage but, with the new Devil version, Vaporesso has upped their game to compete with the big boys of the sub-ohm tank realm.

The brawny Devil comes in at 26 mm in diameter, with a capacity of 5 mL, and the EUC replacement coils are massive in comparison to the original Veco tank. The 0.15Ω EUC is 12 mm in diameter with a 6 mm inside diameter, to allow room for the clapton coil and better airflow. The four juice holes on the 0.15Ω EUC are an impressive 4.5 mm.

Likewise, the triple top 9 mm x 2 mm airflow slots give the Devil approximately double the airflow of the original. Not coincidentally, the inside diameter of the big-bore drip tip matches the ID of the huge EUC coils at 6 mm, to allow maximum airflow.

Machining of the is well done and everything fits that way it should on my stainless steel sample. The threads are precise and the tank comes apart and reassembles easily.

The Devil is in the details, and they all add up to what should be a major boost in performance over the original Veco tank.

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