It really doesn’t get much easier than this: Charge, add juice, vape.

For this review, I used the installed 0.3Ω ceramic ECU. The top fill tank allows plenty of room to accept a standard glass dropper and I easily filled it with no mess. I did not prime the ECU but waited a few minutes for it to become saturated.

Five clicks on, and my first vape was a real eye opener – this ain’t your father’s Ego kit. The 40W Veco One produced a surprising amount of thick, warm vapor and the ceramic ECU gave some of the best flavor I have experienced from a pre-made coil.

At the same time, my wife immediately turned and asked “What was that?” Yep – it whistles, and I haven’t seen the dog since. No, it’s not horribly loud, but definitely noticeable. Trying different airflow settings might have had a minor effect but it continued to whistle through the entire range of adjustment.

Getting back to the performance, all of the warm vaping goodness quickly emptied the 2mL tank but the 1500mAh battery easily outlasted two refills (about 4-6ml). If you don’t want to refill often, you may consider the optional 4ml expansion kit.

The Veco One really excelled on direct lung direct lung hits. I tried closing down the airflow for some mouth to lung hits but it just did not give me a satisfying draw.

Finally, and also a bit surprising, the Veco One gave a fairly consistent vape throughout the life of the battery. I was surprised when the battery started winking at me as the vapor was still pretty strong.

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