Vaptio has reimagined the standard pen-shaped ecig device. The SOLO-Flat is their stylish new take on this basic all-in-one setup.

The kit consists of a powerful 650 mAh battery paired with a concealed 1.5 mL ejuice pod. It measures only 128 mm at full height. The unit includes an exclusive “duckbill” mouthpiece that is neatly tapered to a point, in order to be more “lip friendly”. This is basically just a nice way of saying that it sits comfortably within the crevice of the lips.

The SOLO-Flat tank or pod fits snuggly into the main body of the device and is easily refilled via a small port located at the top. In addition, pods are pre-fitted with 1.0 Ohm coils, supporting powers of up to 15 Watts. Moreover, the installed airflow control chipset enables the unit to be draw-activated, ensuring that users experience an instant inhale every time.

MTL vapers and users looking for a smoking alternative will enjoy the portability and power that this pod mod has to offer. And with a classic design that is suitable for even the most prestigious social gatherings, the SOLO-Flat is likely to attract a sophisticated and mature vaping crowd. It even has an LED battery indicator light that’s reminiscent of a fountain.

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