I followed the instructions, filled up 2/3 of the lid with Vawesome, swished it around and gargled for about 30 seconds.

The first notes are a distinctly sharp citrus note, followed on with a cooling minty sensation. Before long my mouth was feeling pretty numb. It must be the ethanol that created that burning sensation, and before long my mouth felt pretty blitzed. KO’ed. Dare I say – sterile?

The instructions also advise to wait 30 minutes for a “clear pallete[sic]” which makes sense, because everything tastes like mouthwash for a while. One more tip on the packaging states that “in addition to regular use of Vawesome, it is recommended to drink 8 cups of water per day”. I think that’s a life hack for everyone, not just vapers. I will be hitting the water straight away, because although my mouth tastes fresher than napalm in the morning, I am experiencing a bit of dryness. That’s ethanol for you.

After a break, I got back to vaping.

I couldn’t tell any real difference from this or any other alcohol-based mouthwash.

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