In Florida, a Constitutional Revision Commission is considering amendments to include on a November ballot for residents to vote on. The measures approved (with 60 percent of the vote) become part of the state’s constitution.

This is an unusual process that is unique to Florida, and a survey show that 80 percent of Florida residents aren’t even aware of it. The 37-member commission is considering a ballot question that would make vaping unlawful in any place where smoking is prohibited.

Making the issue especially confusing, the commission has combined the anti-vaping law with another, unrelated question about banning oil drilling in Florida. According to CASAA, the reason this has been done is to save space on the ballot. What it really does is confuse voters.

The best way to avoid a confusing vote on an indoor vaping ban is to keep it off the ballot. Vapers can follow CASAA’s call to action and send a message asking the members of the Constitutional Revision Commission to do just that.

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