The Lavabox M uses the same design language as its big brother. It has sharp lines and a distinct grip. Just like the DNA 200 version, the DNA 75 has interchangeable grips for customization. (And because some days you feel red and some days you feel white, right?) Since it uses a smaller chip and a smaller battery, the overall form factor is smaller (duh). This box mod is a good choice for people that want a versatile and powerful vape in a small package.

At the heart of the Lavabox M is the excellent Evolv DNA 75 chip. This is an outstanding choice for vapers that don’t require super-high wattages, but do want an accurate and safe chip with versatility. Aside from the wattage range and a minor difference in battery efficiency, it’s every bit as capable as the DNA 200. There’s a lot you can do to customize your vape using Evolv’s EScribe software.

The original Lavabox was one of the most popular DNA 200 box mods of 2015. With a similar design and a more compact form factor, the Lavabox M should be one of the most popular DNA 75 vaping device of 2016. It has a unique look, a fantastic chip, and affordable price. While there are several DNA 75 box mods in this price range, Volcano is one of the most established American vaping companies and known for providing strong customer support. This should be a strong DNA 75 box mod backed by great service.

[This section heading was inspired by James Corden.]

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