There is one detail about the Vype Pebble that ensures that I won’t continue to use it. After vaping on it, I dunno… I felt some scratchiness in my throat. It tasted fine though. No dry hits… necessarily. I hacked the pod to investigate.

That is when I saw it… a silica wick. Wow. Word?

It’s been almost three years now since silica wicks went all dodo bird — or so I thought. Although, silica does have its merits: it can sometimes wick well, it can be dry burned clean, withstand high temps, and can last a long time. But there is something to the vape that can feel off (especially when you can experience the difference with cotton.) Years ago (like 2013 and before) we pretty much all used silica. But that was then.

Silica is old school, but for most (now) not in a “cool” kinda old school way. In some very low power applications like “510 dripping atomizers” it’s fine (and even optimal), but I don’t think it is for this device. In those, the wicks are almost non-existent.

I know there are still those that use silica (or ekowool), but it’s wildly outdated for most vapers. For me, all the efforts to make the Pebble the “new thing” went out the window with that one choice. It’s actually an old thing. A good looking fossil.

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