Vapers everywhere want to see A Billion Lives. Now you may have a chance to help bring it to a theater in your city. The filmmakers are looking for people to organize showings and recruiting people who would to attend.

In a letter to e-mail subscribers, director Aaron Biebert explained, “We still need people to help organize events in their city and help get people to sign up. When we get our global launch figured out, things will move quickly. Right now we need to know what cities are interested in the movie.”

If you’re interested in organizing a showing in your area, get started by filling out this Google Docs form.

If you’re interested in seeing the movie when it’s shown nearby, fill out this form.

Meanwhile, spread the word. Remember, this isn’t just a “vaping movie.” It’s about the corrupt confluence of tobacco, tobacco control, pharma, and money. It’s a story a lot of people need to see, and a story a lot of people will be interested in. As Fergus Mason said in the Vaping360 review of the film, “A Billion Lives is the most ambitious film yet made about vaping, but it’s so much more than that.”

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