I have probably seen about 50 new sub ohm tanks released over the last few months and have tested with my brother over 45 different tanks in the past year. Since Aspire brought out the Atlantis back in 2014, the market has been making nothing else but sub ohm tanks. I am not even joking by saying that companies started to bring out a new sub ohm tank every few weeks. As a consumer this starts to get very frustrating. You purchase the first version of a tank only to find that a few weeks later a version 2 is released. Your tank is literally outdated as soon as you purchase it.

In my opinion this is mainly down to the vaping manufacturers in China not testing their products properly. I tested a few tanks that still had massive flaws that shouldn’t have been on the market. I get the feeling that we as customers are being used as product testers. We are test-dummies for companies that won’t take the time to properly test their products. They read the complaints and reviews on Reddit, Youtube and Facebook and then promptly release the version 2 a few weeks later. It’s a convenient solution for them and a way to generate more revenue. This was not the case a few years ago when standard MTL clearomizers were being released. The market back then moved at a much slower pace. In the end it is all about the money and generating more revenue.  I mean its business right? As Chinese manufacturers saw how lucrative the vaping industry was, more and more manufacturers began entering the market and flooding the shelves with new products. For consumers this has some major benefits. The competition has led to lower prices and a far greater choice for vapers, especially if you enjoy sub ohm tanks, RTAs and RDAs. The market moves so quickly these days. Last year it was the year of the sub ohm tank and this year looks like it’s going to be the year of the RTA.

Everything is moving so quickly, but what happened to MTL devices? Are beginners meant to be starting on sub ohm tanks? I don’t think they should be and it irks me when people recommend beginners start with a high powered box mod and sub ohm tank set-up.  Most smokers are looking for something that replicates the feeling you get from smoking and this is why I think MTL tanks are a good place for them to start.

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