As you can see from the features list, the Noisy Cricket II-25 is a much different box mod than its predecessor. It’s obviously bigger, but it also has more varied capabilities. The most fascinating addition is being able to flip the circuit board so that the mod can run parallel or series. This gives vapers a fantastic option of going for longer battery life or more power.

The protection features and the ability to control voltage are nice additions as well. As cool as the original model was, there were too many idiots unsafe vapers out there that used builds that were way too low for a series mod. (I’ve seen photos of the aftermath.) While competent and reasonable vapers will still be able to enjoy series mode, these extra protections will help protect some vapers from themselves.

Although it’s not the pure mechanical awesomeness that the original was, the Noisy Cricket II-25 is still a unique 2016 box mod. The majority of enthusiast devices released this year were of the temperature-control variable-wattage variety. It’s nice seeing something a little bit different, versatile, and distinct that’s aimed towards vapers that enjoy building their own coils. Best of all, the mod is inexpensive, with several online sites listing it for under $30.

What do you think of the Noisy Cricket II-25? Do you like the new additions? Or do you prefer the simplicity of the original? Any of you ready to pick this box mod up? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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