The build deck of the Wismec Theorem features four posts. You can build it with traditional wire, to get nifty single-coil or dual-coil setups going. The atomizer will come with the new Notch Coil, for added convenience.

Considering that the chamber of the Wismec Theorem is relatively small, you can expect some rich and concentrated flavor from this atomizer. Airflow adjustment is built into the top cap, allowing for a tight draw with concentrated flavor, a looser draw with more vapor, and anything in between.

Aesthetically, I adore the looks of the Wismec Theorem. I prefer atomizers with simple and understated design language. I abhor excessive knurling and gaudy logos. With that in mind, I believe that the Wismec Theorem is quite the looker. Naturally, opinions on design are completely subjective.

Lastly, this section heading was a nod to A Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory. The world will miss you, Phife Dawg.

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