I took two of the included mystery wire coils and mounted them to the Lush Plus deck with little effort. The coils slipped right into the stepped post holes without any finagling. While I am not necessarily a fan of Phillips-head screws, the Lush screws are beefy and as I tightened them I never felt like the screw heads were in danger of stripping but as stated above I used my own screwdriver that was larger than the supplied driver. I also like the fact that you tighten from the top on all four screws. I like Velocity style decks, but I don’t like tightening the grub screws from the side. Not a big deal, but the Lush deck was easier and a nice change of pace.

I checked the dual coil build and my ohmmeter registered 0.22Ω after a quick burn. Now, back to the fearless (stupid?) part: I wicked with a piece of the mystery cotton, painted the coils with apple muffin juice and replaced the cap. The cap is a bit stubborn, so I put a drop of juice on the o-rings and it popped right on.

With the Lush Plus mounted on a direct-to-battery tube mech and a fresh Sony 18650 battery, I took my first few vapes.

I’ll start by saying that my smallish workroom looked like a San Francisco morning after just 3-4 drags, and the flavor was surprisingly good, really good actually. I was expecting that the flavor from the Lush Plus might be muted due to its size (yep, smaller is usually better in this case), but Wotofo has managed to wring quite a bit of flavor out of the 24mm Plus. The non-adjustable airflow is quite good, and though not the most airy I have used, it is more than adequate enough to give a decent lung hit and keep the build cool – it’s still nice and warm but never got too hot.

I did find that I was dripping often, which is no surprise with a 0.22Ω build, but the deck doesn’t seem to hold a lot of juice. At one point I tried 18 drops of juice and the Lush responded by pouring excess juice out of the bottom airflow holes.

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