On the chip side, the SXmini G+ Class’ SX550J+ features a whole new user interface. Instead of sifting through menus with the firing button and the +/- buttons, there’s a joystick (more like a console controller d-pad, really) control. Additionally, controls can be set through a companion app that works with Android and iOS devices over Bluetooth. Best of all, the TFT IPS display lets you see everything in multiple colors, instead of a monochromatic display.

On the device side, the SXmini G+ Class eschews the design language of its forerunners. I’m a big fan of the smooth curves of the previous SXmini devices and don’t really like the new look. Hopefully the lines look much better in person than they do in marketing photos. Having said that, the lattice finish just looks…no. It reminds of me of when Sony overused the Spider-Man 2 font across several of its products. While it could look better in real life, I would bet on the lattice model having tragic aesthetics.

With every SXmini box mod, I’ve come to expect greatness from YiHi. I’m confident that the SXmini G+ Class will be a great performer. The company has consistently made some of the best chips for vaping devices and I fully expect another winner with the SX500J+.

That said, I’m not yet sold on the design decisions the company has made with its upcoming box mod. Hopefully those concerns are unwarranted, but I’ve set my design expectations low for the mod. The marketing photos scream “iStick” to me, which would be fine if the SXmini G+ Class were a sub-$100 device and not a $299.99 (pre-order price) box mod.

What do you think of the new looks of YiHi’s flagship mod? Any of you anxious to buy one? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on YiHi’s SX550J+ wonder.

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