The most obvious change to the SXmini Q Class Mini from its predecessor is its form factor. Most of the design language is the same, but there are minor alterations and a noticeable size reduction. While I wouldn’t call it a stealth mod by any means, it’s certainly smaller than its forerunner. One of the most common complaints about the original was that it was too big for a 2016 box mod. (For the record, I don’t mind the ergonomics of the original at all.)

Under the hood, the SXmini Q Class Mini uses a slightly updated version of the fantastic SX450J chip. The SX450J-BT has all of the capabilities of its predecessor and adds Bluetooth functionality to the mix. I’ve only seen a few screens of the companion app, which will be available for Android and iOS, so I can’t say too much about it. From what I saw, it will allow you to easily change settings, without having to dive into the device menu. Hopefully it will let you control some of the things you can with the SXi Q Control System software too, but from the convenience of your mobile phone.

The YiHi SXmini Q Class is currently my favorite box mod of 2016 and I’m anxiously looking forward to its followup (take my money, YiHi!). On paper, the SXmini Q Class Mini appears to have all the excellent features of the original, but in a form factor with broader appeal and some nifty new colors. I fully expect this box mod to be my “new new” favorite when it’s released (despite my issues with having the word “mini” twice in the product name).

How about you? Any interest in YiHi’s SX450J-BT box mod? Kindly leave a comment below and let me know.

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