We’ve got your classic 22mm diameter, but with an even shorter stature than we’re used to. Just 32mm tall to be exact. Sure its only 2mL; but who cares when it’s so dang easy to refill? It’s got the incredibly handy top refill feature. So with a couple of spins of the wrist, you’re ready to vape another tank-full of your favorite ejuice.

The Pollux comes equipped with UD’s recently debuted MOCC coil, which is quickly becoming popular. MOCC, by the way, is Mesh Organic Cotton Coil. You read that right, its a sub ohm tank using mesh–which was previously only a rebuilding tinkerer’s material. You get two of the 0.2-ohm ones, with the option to buy the 0.5-ohm replacement heads. I don’t know about you, but 0.2 ohms is right in my wheelhouse so I’m expecting this bad boy to be vaping strong right out of the gate. But of course if you like slightly higher resistance, UD didn’t forget you.

The slanted windows on the tank, which match the slanted air holes, give it an appealing appearance. But enough about the specs. I hear you. You want to delve into the feature that makes this tank so special. I get it. Those slanted air holes I just mentioned- yeah they’re up top. Why? Well, this is where it gets interesting. The air holes are up there because this tank employs the double-walled chimney design. Your air comes in through the top airflow, travels down toward the coil, but doesn’t hit it right yet. It continues to travel down past the coil and ends up coming up through the bottom of the coil head on its way to your mouth. A bit more distance for air to travel, but hey, its no sweat- UD is doing this to provide you with a damn-near leak-proof design. Brilliant, if “Youde” ask me.

Leak-proof design? Check. Fully adjustable air flow? Check. Organic mesh cotton coil? Check. Stealthy, easy-refillable tank? Check. The ability to swap your coil while the tank is still full? Another check. An interesting exterior? You guessed it, yet another check. Considering all of this, if you’re looking for a newly designed sub-ohm tank that won’t break the bank, you may want to seriously consider the Pollux 22 Mini by UD.

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